Website Services

Website Services


Motor City Technology's Website Creation and Management

Today’s business climate is extremely competitive. In order for a business to be as profitable as possible, it’s presence has to be established on the internet. The experienced professionals at Motor City Technology has a solution for all of your IT-related needs. We offer comprehensive website services designed to offer enterprises their own customized website that is sure to increase visibility and establish credibility that is crucial in attracting leads; and ultimately, new customers.

WebSite Services Overview

Create an Outlet to Help Drive Your Business Initiatives

At Motor City Technology we know just how important it is to have a professional-looking website to promote the product or service your enterprise offers. If your organization has not taken advantage of the internet as a marketing tool, it’s not too late. Motor City Technology offers services to make your website a mechanism that works in unison with your company’s current direction to produce profitable results.

The vast expansion of mobile computing is creating an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to control their marketing budgets in ways never before possible. The deployment of a company website can be the inbound marketing allows SMBs to not only concisely advertise their product or service, but do it in a way where there are little-to-no variable costs. Inbound marketing allows organizations to properly budget their marketing efforts and track the return on their investment; as opposed to traditional marketing efforts that can be extremely costly and only marginally effective. Maximizing your website's inbound marketing capabilities is only one of the many website services that Motor City Technology offers.

The Motor City Technology IT professionals have a solution for all of your website-related needs.

Hosting and Marketing Services from Motor City Technology

We at Motor City Technology realize how important your company’s web presence is. We offer web design and marketing services to Detroit-area businesses that are seeking a dynamic website to pinpoint lead generation in order to drive more business. We provide website design, management, and hosting along with several lead-capture tools.

Web Design Services from Motor City IT:

  • Visitor Reporting & Identification
  • Website Caller ID
  • Visitor Location Mapping
  • Website Page-Down Monitoring
  • Activity & Page Tracking
  • Web Design, Management, & Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing

The experienced professionals at Motor City Technology have solutions designed to alleviate an enterprise’s technology-related pain points. Call us at (248) 737-7920 and allow one of our friendly technicians to familiarize you with Motor City Technology’s many available solutions.