Motor City Hardware as a Service

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Motor City Technology offers a set of complete IT solutions for business.

We proudly offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS) for any-sized business. Hardware as a Service is a solution for companies that don’t want to be saddled with, or simply can’t afford to take on, the capital investment of updating their computer hardware.

Save Money and Increase Efficiency

Maintaining and upgrading computer hardware and software as part of a company's IT support infrastructure is an arduous endeavor for any size business.

Small and medium businesses often don’t recognize this as a critical area to focus their capital investments on leaving their employees working on outdated IT infrastructure. In today’s competitive business environment, the substantial loss of efficiency and productivity that a company has to endure by utilizing archaic technology can ultimately be a major hindrance in an enterprise’s profitability.

Subscribing to a Hardware as a Service solution from Motor City Technology can make a substantial difference in your company’s bottom line.

Traditionally, organizations would rely on large capital expenditures in order to keep their IT management equipment current. That capital outlay, using Motor City Technology’s Hardware as a Service solution, can be transferred into an operating expense. This allows the organization to pay a flat monthly fee. Motor City’s HaaS solution also features comprehensive service and support.

When your company’s IT budget is more predictable, your hardware is current, and your software licensing is up-to-date without required large purchases, your enterprise can experience an end-to-end boost in efficiency. Hardware as a Service from Motor City Technology can end the burdensome struggle between maintaining budget costs and keeping up with technology changes and upgrades.

Gain Peace of Mind with Hardware as a Service Solutions

Focus your time and money on expanding your business. Motor City Technology will set up Hardware as a Service with the focus of validating and expanding your technology to meet your organization's business needs. The experienced professionals at Motor City Technology can make sure your company has the computers, peripheral equipment, software, and related services it needs to stay current with changes in technology.

IT Solutions, Hardware as a Service and Computer Rental Services, plus more from Motor City IT: 

  • Complete network administration
  • Remote Desktop sharing assistance
  • Support your entire organization remotely
  • Phone support: 24x7 help desk
  • Onsite support as needed
  • Parts replacement
  • State-of-the-art ticketing system
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or Microsoft Smartphone Support

Call us today to see how you can make Hardware as a Service solutions from Motor City Technology work for your business. HaaS solutions are just one of the many IT services Motor City Technology can provide your organization.

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